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How would you like to get up on a cold winter morning and switch on a natural looking gas ceramic log fire to take the chill off of the house? Then in the evening, remove the ceramic logs and replace them with real wood logs...switch on the gas burner for a few minutes, shut the gas off and have a real wood burning fire.

This is the ONLY hybrid fireplace system that allows you to have this same day choice.

You can also leave the ceramic logs in the fireplace and add only one wood log. Leave the glass door off for a few minutes to add some wood aroma to the room, then replace the ceramic glass door, which will still allow for total fire heat radiation into the room.

This system with all the features mentioned below makes for an ultimate hybrid fireplace system which eliminates many of the disadvantages of most fireplaces and retains all the ambiance and warmth of a natural wood fire.



Most fireplaces provide no outside air or a minimum of nine square inches as per U.G.C. (Universal gas code) which is totally inadequate for wood burning and only meets gas code for a 36,000 B.T.U. input gas burning system. Our hybrid fireplace system proves (on a 24” wide opening) 48 sq. “ of outside combustion air, at one square inch of air for every 4,000 B.T.U. of gas input. As required by U.G.C., our system is in code compliance for a B.T.U. input of 192,000 B.T.U.’s per hour. Therefore, this fireplace requires no heated air from the house being used for necessary fire combustions


This grate is designed to burn the logs (wood or gas ceramic) vertical. A multi-pipe gas burning system is under the lower grate and behind back upper grate, thereby providing ceramic logs the look of an encompassing wood fire. By removing the ceramic logs, this burner grate can be used to ignite wood logs for a total wood burning fire or a gas and wood fire.


A steel manifold that is unobtrusively mounted on the front of the double hearth has three functions. First, it houses all the gas mechanical equipment. Secondly, it received pre-heated air from the firebox and dispenses it into the fire which assists in enhancing combustion with heat and oxygen. Thirdly, it also dispenses hot air up the front of the glass door keeping it carbon free.



The gasket sealed ceramic door is necessary for wood burning and is preferable with gas burning because it allows for radiant heat transmission whereas a less costly tempered door will not, nor can a tempered glass door be used for wood burning as it will break.


A vertical set of natural looking split pine ceramic logs are a standard part of this fireplace system. Ceramic logs are selected because of their ability to absorb heat from a gas fire and then radiate heat out into a room. Light-weight compression logs radiate no heat and a gas fire without solid mass provides little heat with a tempered glass door in place.


To top off this fireplace that does everything and to eliminate the factory look of all steel termination caps on other fireplaces that protrude out of roofs or fireplace chases, this fireplace encloses the typical steel rain proof termination cap with an attractive tan refractory round tile shaped shroud that completely hides the industrial looking steel termination cap.


This entire hybrid fireplace system was designed to maintain all the beauty and warmth of a natural fire and still reduce the harmful carbon emissions that they produce without sacrificing the desired ambiance of a custom masonry fireplace. The features we have incorporated into our unique fireplace system WE MAKE IT EASYBURNING CLEAN!



To a new embodiment of patent #7,140,364, B1, this invention adds to both configurations of the patented fireplaces by the additions of an inter-hollow hearth section which is the outer hearth and above the lower masonry hearth, hereby increasing the height of the firebox an additional hearth width. The function of the inter-hollow hearth is to supply the gas or wood burning fire with adequate outside only combustion air thereby reducing greatly carbon emissions. Also, the steel plate enclosing the top of the inter-hollow hearth preheats the incoming combustion air which is dispersed through the manifold attached at the front of the inter-hollow hearth and disperses hot air up the face of the glass door and directly into the fire. Another embodiment of this invention addition is the vertical grate with a combination of gas ceramic logs or wood logs that can be burned without any mechanical changes to this wood or gas burning system. A ceramic glass door seals this firebox and eliminates any heated room air to be used for combustion air. The ceramic glass door allows full heat radiation from the fire which the typical tempered glass does not. These added embodiments to patent #7,140,364, B1 have reduced atmospheric carbon emissions, eliminated house warm air heat loss and any carbon monoxide into the house. This is the only fireplace presently, that can burn wood or gas without major mechanical changes.